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Our Border Collies are bred for working livestock.  This means that they may not make good family pets, especially with children.  They are bred to nip, push, and work which  means they could end up chasing cars, biting family members, tearing up objects of value, etc. if they are not given a job like herding, agility, etc.

 Border Collie Puppies 
 On the Ground 

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 Border Collie Puppies 
 In the Oven 

We may have females that have been bred but not pregnancy-confirmed at this time.  



  Planned Border Collie Litters 



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PHF Border Collie Breeding Philosophy

Possum Hollow Farms is dedicated to the production of the finest herding Border Collies possible.  We are dedicated solely to the purpose of breeding for working ability.  Any other characteristics are secondary.  Our primary focus is on breeding strong but manageable cow dogs, goat dogs and sheep dogs. We maintain dogs with a selection of characteristics that will allow us to breed a variety of working dogs in our effort to properly match dogs and puppies with handlers' needs.  We take great care in trying to advise our buyers in their selection of dogs and puppies to increase the successful pairing of handler's needs to dog's ability or puppy's breeding and personality.  We guarantee that all of our puppies will show instint.  We also feel it is difficult to know if a puppy will be a good cow dog until it has been tested on cattle which doesn't occur before the pup is 8 months to 1 year old or more and even older pups may not exhibit their true working ability until later.  Our selection of cow dog bloodlines is specifically designed for power (meaning the ability to move stock without bite), bite (head and heel with heading being primary), and ease of training and handling.  Our sheep dog breeding program is designed to produced strong, naturally paced dogs with a nice low working style.  All of our puppies are registered with the ABCA (American Border Collie Association).  No Border Collie litters will be registered with AKC and we will not assist in the registration of any of our Border Collies with AKC.  

RETURNS.  If at any time during the life of any dog purchased at PHF you no longer want your dog, we will take your dog back with the following terms.  PHF will not provide financial compensation for the dog and we must have space available.  The dog must not have developed any severe dysfunctional behaviors (such as biting people, climbing fences, excessive barking, etc.).  The buyer must pay for all costs associated with return of the dog to PHF.  The dog must be current on all shots and tested negative for Bordatella (kennel cough) prior to being brought to PHF.

Your Puppy Deposit

If you feel you would like to purchase a PHF puppy, we ask that you consider carefully your selection of litters and puppies.  Call us or email us with questions or for assistance in selecting the most suitable litter for your needs.  If you are interested in purchasing a puppy based on color or markings, we advise you to reconsider as while our puppies are often quite beautiful, we do not guarantee anything related to appearance including, size, speckling, tri-coloring, white-factoring, coat length, markings, etc.  Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable unless no puppy is available for you.    

Picking order is based on receipt of deposit/payment.  Once the puppies are 4 weeks old, buyers having placed a deposit will  be contacted in the order in which their deposits were received.  You will be asked to select a puppy at 4 weeks (which is when their personalities are most like what they will be as adults).  Puppies not selected by 6 weeks old will be placed back on the market and any buyers who have not made a selection will forfeit their deposit and all rights to a puppy.  You are welcome to visit and make your selection or you can make your selection using photos, descriptions and any information we can provide to help you.  

To place a deposit on a puppy, we will need your complete name, address, phone and email address (if you have one) along with the deposit amount for the puppy.  

Please call and talk to us about the kind of puppy you need.  We are always happy to talk dogs!


NEED DELIVERY?  We occasionally are able to meet you part way to help with travel expenses for pick up.  We will also ship puppies within the Continental USA using Delta Airlines.  Shipping is usually $250-$350.





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