The Most Effective and Efficient Method for 
Developing a Strong Working LGD

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Finally!  A Complete Book About Training Livestock Guardian Dogs.

Raising and Training the Working Turkish
 Livestock Guardian Dog
Author:  Vicki Hughes
A Possum Hollow Enterprises E-Book publication.

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We can only train a limited number of dogs at any one time.  
Puppies and dogs are accepted on a first come-first serve basis with priority to PHF bred dogs.

How do we train our LGD puppies? 

Puppies are placed with at least one adult LGD that has proven itself as a strong protector, gentle caretaker and well balanced livestock guardian.  Puppies learn by mimicking the adult.  The adult also controls the overly energetic antics of young puppies keeping them from harassing the livestock and providing a playmate in place of the livestock.  PHF adults will train young pups to protect their food from the stock without harming the stock allowing feeding of both dogs and livestock in the same pasture at the same time.  Pups are taught how to appropriately handle themselves around newborns and new moms, to stay with the stock at all times under any circumstances, and to behave appropriately when assessing potential dangers and threats.  They teach the pups to clean up afterbirth and dead animals from the pasture so as to avoid attracting predators, to control aggression among the livestock themselves and to remain in the fenced area.

As masters of the dogs, we teach them to tolerate leads, wear collars, and walk peacefully on a leash.  Puppies are socialized to humans and learn how to distinguish acceptable visitors from intruders.  Pups are taught not to jump on the fence or on people, not to bother working herding dogs, and not to fight with each other.

All guardian dogs are kept in the pasture with the livestock and are not removed from their pasture unless absolutely necessary.  

Training Older LGD Pups 

Older LGD pups can be taken up to six months old and may remain until trained.  Older pups with problems such as chasing, chewing and playing with livestock will be placed with either sheep, goats or cattle depending on the particular problem of the dog.  Dogs that are aggressive to humans will not be accepted.


PLEASE NOTE:  We will do everything we can to help your pup become a wonderful guardian.  However, we cannot guarantee behavior of these dogs once they have left our care.  Please be aware that a dog that has not yet reached full maturity (1.5 to 2 years) will only have a foundation in guardian work.  It will still have a desire to play/chase/bite until it is an adult and will need constant supervision or continued training.



PHF Bred Pups  $250 per month
Outside Bred Pups  $275 per month

Does not include required flea and tick or heartworm preventives.